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Author: Ashley Robinson

Sometimes, shooting bad guys gets boring. Endpoint have decided to take a break and hit the highway by picking up a new Rocket League team! The Rocket League Championship Series takes place twice a year and is produced by Psyonix, the same developers who manage the game itself. This ensures the events are

Esports has become an ever present factor in the modern world. Younger audiences are becoming infatuated by watching their favourite professional teams duke it out on their preferred arena - be it first person shooter, online battle arena; hey, even car football. An obvious side effect of this is that younger people have

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has waited two years since its last operation. On 2017, Operation Hyrda took players into new maps and AI slaying missions, with a slew of new maps and weapon skins. Operation Shattered Web is no different, with some new maps to play with and FOUR new weapon crates. Players who don't