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Author: Ashley Robinson

Cross play is a feature once thought impossible due to console relations that has found a place in the gaming world within certain games from different walks of life. Cross play, of course, references games that can have people from different consoles or computers play online together - so if your best mate

Esports is, for all intents and purposes, a difficult beast. Quantifying it as a traditional sport is difficult - not because of the difference in physical prowess to something like football, but because it's not as easy as turning on the TV or tuning into the news to find out who won the

The most recent game to take down the behemoth that is Counter-Strike hasn't managed to topple the beast quite yet. Which game was that, Valorant? Apex Legends? Players Unknown Battlegrounds? There's always been a big game that people jump to for a while that 'threatens to kill Counter-Strike'. Of course, judging by the

You may have seen people on social media talking about the release of a Japanese single player role playing fighting game (that was a mouthfull), Genshin Impact. It follows the usual cast of anime characters with oversized swords and magical abilities fighting monsters and saving the world. There's a chance you're interested in

With the global pandemic making sporting events difficult to accomplish on any large scale, CSGO is finally being played at its highest level in a more familiar setting. Fans have been waiting almost half a year for the tactical shooter to reach our screens again, but ESL have kicked it off with some