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Author: Ashley Robinson

Although it has been out for a little while now, the Danger Zones ranking system has been incredibly fun to play around with. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always been centred around its competitive ranking system, we've seen the introduction of Wingman's ranking system to aid the premier competitive mode and recently, a

Endpoint's CSGO roster takes a new direction as they inject some young blood into the team in the form of Russ and Kryptix and Jenko. Playing along side Endpoint veteran Puls3 and experienced in game leader robiin, the team are looking incredibly competitive. Their coach, Immi, has been training the team at the

You can only be the esports pioneer of so many games before you need to take a step back and enjoy the classics. Endpoint have decided to go back to its roots in First Person Shooters and have picked up Maciej 'Av3k' Krzykowski, a legend in the Quake esports scene. Few people in

More sponsors are getting their way into esports each and every day. The teams themselves are getting bigger, with real world sports teams slowly but surely entering the scene. This means that more money is being injected into the esports world, allowing teams to hire better staff, more people working with them and

The Counter-Strike series has recently had its 20th anniversary. In celebration for the title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had a small update to Dust II, bringing with it a pixelated finish. Anyone playing on Dust II in a Casual game mode will find themselves switching between the modern version, with its beautiful textures

Bored of the tried and tested formula of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? There's plenty to explore in the game without trying new game modes or shooting people. Check out some of the weirder things to do in CSGO. You can be a pirate. Fight? What, you mean Plunder? Many games took the 'talk like a pirate'