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Author: Ashley Robinson

The Counter-Strike series has recently had its 20th anniversary. In celebration for the title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had a small update to Dust II, bringing with it a pixelated finish. Anyone playing on Dust II in a Casual game mode will find themselves switching between the modern version, with its beautiful textures

Bored of the tried and tested formula of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? There's plenty to explore in the game without trying new game modes or shooting people. Check out some of the weirder things to do in CSGO. You can be a pirate. Fight? What, you mean Plunder? Many games took the 'talk like a pirate'

After decades of crushing the console market, Microsoft have announced that they are publishing some previously Xbox exclusive titles to the Steam marketplace. The only way to play Xbox titles on a computer beforehand was through the Xbox application that often comes as bloatware on Windows, so having some fan favourites on the

It may feel like the R8 is still a weird, new weapon in the game. Those who remember its introduction to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be shocked to realise that it was introduced in 2015, with the winter update for the game. It was massively overpowered - able to one shot enemies through

Less than five months ago, Dangerzone was released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The new Battle Royale style game mode featured one map, Blacksite, that would pit you against other players dropping into the island from helicopters to duke it out. Along with the new map, Sirroco, various things have changed from teammates wearing

If you ask someone what they do to warm up for a competitive match, their answers can vary from "I don't" to "I spend an hour shooting at bots". The truth is, there isn't one definitive way to warm up for a match. However, regardless of if you're queuing up for a silver