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Author: Ashley Robinson

If you ask someone what they do to warm up for a competitive match, their answers can vary from "I don't" to "I spend an hour shooting at bots". The truth is, there isn't one definitive way to warm up for a match. However, regardless of if you're queuing up for a silver

Recently, the original creator of the 'surfing' craze reached out and decided to tell his story. This came from a post on reddit from r/askreddit, with the question 'What's your greatest accomplishment that you can't bring up in normal conversation?' gaining a lot of traction and sparking the comment from Mariowned, who explained

Soylent is the Silicon Valley sensation that describes itself as ‘the on-the-go meal you’ve been waiting for’. Designed to help time-strapped individuals be more productive and healthy in their diet decisions, the product comes in three flavours, Cacao, Original and Cafe Mocha and contains the full nutritional value of a meal with 26

Following recent disappointing results we are entering a new era within Endpoint CS:GO. Firstly it is with a heavy heart that we made the decision to remove Joe 'luzuh' Loose from our active lineup and ultimately terminate his contract with the team. With that we're seeing two brand new faces to our Counter-Strike: