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Author: Ashley Robinson

The undeniably most popular fan created map, de_Cache, is getting a face lift. After Nuke and Dust II got it's beauty treatment, it seems to be a trend of CSGO maps getting an update to vastly improve their looks. Although the aesthetics certainly look better, lets run you through the actual changes so

In the computer gaming world, peripherals are fantastically customisation. Unlike a console that has a single operation of control, a PC lets users have their favourite mouse, keyboard, controllers, steering wheels, flight yokes; you name it. Because of this, different keyboards have sprung up in the market - namely membrane and mechanical. Most

Cross hair placement is one of the more difficult skills for newer players to learn while picking up Counter-Strike. It requires them to have a decent knowledge of the map, know how their held weapon works and predict the angle and speed of players movements. While watching the 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major, Brad

Esports is an ever growing phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to see their favourite players taking on the best teams, following their efforts and actively taking part in the community. The problem with video games, however, is it is a heavily over saturated market. With more and more game developers appearing by

Although it has been out for a little while now, the Danger Zones ranking system has been incredibly fun to play around with. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always been centred around its competitive ranking system, we've seen the introduction of Wingman's ranking system to aid the premier competitive mode and recently, a

Endpoint's CSGO roster takes a new direction as they inject some young blood into the team in the form of Russ and Kryptix and Jenko. Playing along side Endpoint veteran Puls3 and experienced in game leader robiin, the team are looking incredibly competitive. Their coach, Immi, has been training the team at the