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Endpoint replace BEAKZY and welcome iconz

We would like to thank BEAKZY for his short time in Endpoint. He was extremely professional and very keen to represent the brand in a good way and would be a very good pickup for any organisation looking.

Unfortunately the team felt that the chemistry in and out of game was not quite what they were looking for and felt that they would be able to practice more with the addition of iconz.

Statement from Job ‘iconz’ Witte:

I’m happy to join endpoint, it feels very comfortable playing with my former CoD2 teammates, SAINT6 and j_money. We’ve attended multiple lans together already and I believe this benefits our chemistry in-game. I’m also very happy with fanCy and sus, who are both good players and fun to play with. We’re looking forward to attending iseries to show what we can do at LAN.


The lineup consists of:

 Sam ‘sus‘ Hogan

 Isaac ‘j_money‘ Qureshi

 Jack ‘SAINT6‘ Hatton

 Liam ‘fanCy‘ Ebanks

 Job ‘iconz‘ Witte


The team will be competing for 1st place next week at the upcoming £10,000 i62 event!