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Endpoint welcome ‘supreme’

The questionably tame LANimal ‘j_money’ becomes Endpoint’s Battalion 1944’s sixth player. With a stiff upper lip, the B44 family has had to reshuffle the active roster, due to personal reasons resulting in Isaac not having enough time to stay in the team as part of the primary lineup. Wipe those tears away, however, as we welcome ‘supreme’ to the organisation. Having already played shoulder to shoulder with ‘SAINT6’, ‘j_money’ and ‘iconz’ (placing third in the CoD2 Forgotten Soldiers LAN), we’re confident in ‘supreme’s ability to win matches and are excited to see how the team gels in the upcoming Battalion 1944 tournament in Budapest.

Statement from Bob ‘supreme’ Janssen:

I’m excited to join team Endpoint; of course, I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities and support which has been offered to me while looking for a new team. Not only am I reunited with former teammates of mine, but people I consider to be great friends as well. Ever since I started working with these players I’ve been constantly impressed by their work ethic and motivation. All in all I’m looking forward to be representing the Endpoint brand and see what the future has in store for us.

The lineup consists of:

 Sam ‘sus‘ Hogan

 Jack ‘SAINT6‘ Hatton

 Liam ‘fanCy‘ Ebanks

 Job ‘iconz‘ Witte

 Bob ‘supreme’ Janssen