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Endpoint wins Blitzkrieg open championship

Battalion 1944 is a relativity new game. Saying that, the support for the developers is overwhelming and the Esports scene is already underway with more and more organisations picking up Battalion teams. This weekend, through a winner/loser bracket system, the boys in blue managed to take away the gold medal – not only awarding them exclusive in-game golden skins, but also winning £5,000 from the £10,000 prize pool raised with in-game sales by Bulkhead interactive, the developers.

Insomnia 62 was packed full of players, cosplayers and teams, but people continually found themselves joining Endpoint to spectate their nail-biting matches. Playing a total of twelve games, Endpoint only lost one, against Avenue eSports, in the third round of double eliminations, only to come toe-to-toe with them in the finals. The Best of Five grand final took the teams right down to the fifth map, where Endpoint managed to emerge victorious from the ashes.

J_Money was on the money with fantastic kill counts and a lot of recognition from casters and audience members. SAINT6’s shotgun skills prove to still be unmatched, while fanCy’s entry fragging potential kept the windows of opportunity open. With Sus’s skill at denying enemies entry to certain areas of the map and iconz’ superhuman talent with the sniper rifles, Endpoint stand above the rest in the Battalion 1944 scene.


In an interview after the final match, when asked how they managed to win, fanCy simply shrugged and replied, “We’re just the better team.” Congratulations to everyone who took part in the tournament!

Statement from Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop, Endpoint CEO:

“The Battalion team continue to impress with their dedication, focus and results. It was a pleasure to meet them at Insomnia and follow their progress over the course of the event. We look forward to working closely with them as the Battalion 1944 competitive scene grows.”

We would like to thank our sponsers, Overclockers, Noblechairs and Raven for making this event and gold medal possible.

Find the players on Twitter:

 Sam ‘sus‘ Hogan

 Isaac ‘j_money‘ Qureshi

 Jack ‘SAINT6‘ Hatton

 Liam ‘fanCy‘ Ebanks

 Job ‘iconz‘ Witte