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Endpoint wins the Amsterdam Blitzkreig Masters!

The Blitzkrieg Masters, Amsterdam, 2018 took the best Battalion 1944 teams in the world and pitted them against each other in a true white knuckle ride. After a clean sheet in the group stages, bagging themselves three wins to zero loses, Endpoint was able to shine in the bracket stage. Starting in round two due to their win streak, the finals took us toe to toe with Demise. With a best of five game, the boys took home three wins to zero loses, claiming their trophy and the unique in game weapon skins.

Taking home $30,000, It is clear that the new team is working together as a single unit and we are incredibly excited to see where they take us in the next coming B44 games!

Statement from coach Jurian ‘pronic’ van Straaten:

The past few weeks were intense and fruitful – as a team we have done what we felt was necessary to become the back to back champions of Battalion 1944. As a coach, I have done what I do best, pamper them since the start of our (semi) bootcamp; a week before the event.This means doing all the necessary extras and support to keep their heads in the game and their synapses firing away. To my knowledge it worked for the best and they have been able to freely perform like the legends they are. Endpoint has treated us in a way that made us feel secure and happy with what we were doing and that has been a key factor to our recent success.

I want to thank the entirety of Endpoint and everyone involved in our victory. A huge shout out to their crew and staff, Katy as a photographer and Sheekey for additional support. Additional shout outs to all the (new) people I have met at the event and nights out!

Statement from CEO Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop:

We are extremely pleased to have won the recent Blitzkreig Masters tournament. Working with the new team has been a pleasure, their dedication to the game and professional approach has been clearly evident over the past couple of months. We are glad we could support them and get them into the house for a bootcamp before the event which seems to have been a really productive environment. In the end the team filled us with confidence and their strong performances over the course of the weekend were a joy to watch. We look forward to continuing with them for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, ASUS Republic Of GamersnoblechairsOverclockersUKRaven and NAU. We couldn’t have done this without them, or you, the fans, for keeping us motivated.