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Team update: Battalion 1944

Endpoint are happy to announce we have signed the best team in Battalion 1944! Each player has plenty of experience in the game as well as past first person shooters, so we’re excited to see them perform in the blue jerseys. We hope you welcome them with open arms and follow their progress as they train for the upcoming Blitzkrieg masters, a $50k Battalion 1944 major in Amsterdam starting on September 27th taking on fifteen other teams to claim victory. They were the first team to qualify for this event having recently taken down the Gallantry Budapest event!

Fans of the game will have seen these players face off against the best teams in Europe and we’re incredibly excited to see that chemistry translate onto the battle field in the next coming months. By watching their game play, even if you’re not versed with B44, you will instantly recognise the determination this lineup has to offer. We’re ready to show the scene that Endpoint is the number one team. If you want to take these guys on, you’d better bring a battalion. With a personal coach guiding the boys, confidence is at an all time high.

Current lineup
 Mark ‘mark’ Horner
 Jasko ‘cozje’ Berbic
 Jani ‘synde’ Koskinen
 Ville ‘rEplan’ ljas
 Kevin ‘reflexzR’ Klempera

Jurian ‘pronic’ van Starrten

Statement from Mark ‘mark’ Horner:

Really excited to be joining up with Endpoint, as we’ve found a home that will give us the support we need to be able to do our best at the major and other upcoming events. In the past we’ve had to worry too much about whether promises will be kept or not, or wondering if we’re fools for spending as much as we did to get to Gallantry with a weeks notice out of our own pocket. I can’t stress enough how much of a relief it is for me and the team to be in a home that allows us to just focus on the game. We are aiming to make sure the next set of gold skins also come branded with the Endpoint logo like that last lot! Shoutout to Pronic, the guys at Endpoint for being great to work with, everyone who cheered us on at Budapest and Penta for the 5 t-shirts. See you all in (or well, near) Amsterdam where we can group some NA teams!

Statement from coach Jurian ‘pronic’ van Straaten:

First off, I want to thank Adam and Pete for being the lads who have the actual guts to properly invest in Battalion teams. They have shown their amazing commitment and support to this scene, yet again, by picking us up and putting trust in our beliefs and performance. I have no doubt that it will enable us to make the best out of the potential that the team still has in store. With them winning the past Gallantry Budapest event and the great work ENDPOINT is and has been doing so far, I feel like we have a strong backbone for winning the Major in September and future events. Shoutout to the champs for being awesome at what they do, the entirety of ENDPOINT, their sponsors ASUS, Overclockers UK, Noblechairs, NAU and , Aaron and the Gallantry crew.

See what we have in store in our new Battalion 1944 promotional video.