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Cobblestone changes

De_Cbble is a CSGO favourite. Having been around way before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Cobblestone has always confused new players due to it’s winding tunnels and multiple hiding spots. The map, however, always seems to find it’s way into the competitive map pool and is an esports standard. Whether its because people enjoy the long rotations or the possibility of a Dragon lore drop, it’s no wonder why people love the map.

However, with the Halloween update this year, we’ve seen the map change considerably.

Let’s start at the top, then. The first thing you’ll notice is the spooky new radar image that goes along with the new map.

Gone is the sprawling terrorist push to B, with the toilets and strangely open exterior. The only way to B now is via the main courtyard. This means Terrorists will have to use a bit of utility if they plan on a slow push, making sure they won’t get AWPed by peaking Counter Terrorists. The one way drop has also changed too, allowing CTs to actually climb up it, surprising Terrorists who think they’re safe.

A site has also seen a face lift – The actual bomb site has been pushed forward, where the coffins are. As well as providing cover, it also brings the action to the forefront of the site, making it less about hiding the bomb and sitting on site to protect it. This gives the long unchanged map a bit more breathing room for dynamic game-play.

The spooky theme isn’t staying around though, but the layout is more than likely here to stay. What do you think of the new layout? Let us know on Twitter!