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CSGO enters the danger zone

Counter-Strike, after years of tempting players with a new game mode, as finally released their newest creation. With links to the new wave of Battle Royale style of games, Danger Zone will face you off with 16-18 other players as you fight to survive on a small island.

Danger Zone brings a load of new assets to the game, such as the ability to have no weapon equipped and even call in drones to give you weapons. Players will find weapons and money on the island but can also spend their earnings on upgrades, ammo, or just a better firearm. Unlike other Battle Royales, Danger Zone is much more compact and designed to be over quickly. Your tablet lets you see roughly where other players are hiding and with a very limited number of players on a small island, it wont’ be long before you stumble upon someone still trying to find a weapon… Or you get stumbled on.

The best way to find out what Danger Zone is all about is to play it for yourself. What’s that? You don’t own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Well don’t worry! The Danger Zone update also made CSGO free to play. You don’t get all the benefits as a ‘premium’ player, but it’s a huge step up from the previous free to play update (more on that here). Players with a paid account will get instant prime status and a badge that can be displayed on your profile. 

This decision to create a free version of the game could be Valve’s way of proving their new anti cheat system, VACnet, a huge server that Valve has kept relatively hush about. Hopefully we’ll see the effects of this in practice, giving old timers another reason to jump back into the game.