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CSGO lineup – 2019

Following recent disappointing results we are entering a new era within Endpoint CS:GO. Firstly it is with a heavy heart that we made the decision to remove Joe ‘luzuh’ Loose from our active lineup and ultimately terminate his contract with the team.

With that we’re seeing two brand new faces to our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line up, as we have made the move to bring in some overseas talent to support our British core. Don’t be fooled though, just because they’re new in blue, doesn’t mean they haven’t had their fair share of combat and this Serbian duo will be bringing some excellent experience and fire power to the lineup.

Announcement video

We would like to give a warm welcome to Aleska ‘Impulse’ Stankić, a former player for team Valiance, a player who brought the team to the top 30 in the HLTV rankings. Impulse is set to be the teams In Game Leader and play in the AWP role.

Along with Aleska, Filip ‘aVN’ Belojica, will round off the lineup, taking up the support role, having competed alongside Impulse before as part of Squared.

Our CSGO Lineup now consists of:

Max ‘MiGHTYMAX‘ Heath
Reece ‘Puls3‘ Marrs
Thomas ‘Thomas’ Utting
Aleska ‘Impulse’ Stankić
Filip ‘aVN’ Belojica

Statement from Aleska ‘Impulse’ Stankić:

“Glad to announce that I have officially joined Team Endpoint, as their new awper and IGL, this is all pretty new for me, as I was mostly playing in Serbian speaking lineups, but I’m confident that I can lead this team to something big, and bring the UK scene back on the map.”

Statement from Filip ‘aVN’ Belojica:

“I’m really excited about this opportunity and i think we can do alot with the team that we have. I’m really glad I will be playing alongside Thomas, Puls3 and Max because i’ve known them from before and i’ve been playing a long time with Impulse so i think we will be a really good team.”

The guys will be practicing hard with boot-camps to get ready for Copenhagen Games 2019!