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CSGO May Roster update 2018

Endpoint’s CSGO roster has had some changes. Due to personal reasons, ‘Aaron‘ is leaving the team. We wish him all the best as he has proved to be an integral part of the organisation and a fantastic player. ‘Weber’ has been moved to the bench as the sixth player as we have been looking to take Endpoint into a new direction, though he is seeking different teams should anyone fancy picking him up and would be a great asset to any team.

We would like to welcome, with open arms, ‘Thomas‘. This isn’t the first time we’ve had ‘Thomas‘ in the Endpoint family; he joined us in the ESL clash of nations in Madrid, where we took 2nd place, and the Gfinity elite series. We are excited to see ‘Thomas‘ perform with the other players as he’s already shown us what he’s capable of.

Our other new player, ‘SHEEKEY‘, is bringing much needed structure to the team as the new Endpoint IGL. He helped Endpoint get to the semifinals of the Gamdom premier $50,000 tournament and we hope you’re as excited to see him lead us to victory as much as we are.

The team now prepare for their ESEA Campaign in the Advanced league.

We are happy to reveal our new CSGO roster:

 Max ‘MiGHTYMAX‘ Heath

 Joe ‘Luzuh‘ Loose

 Reece ‘Puls3‘ Marrs

 Thomas ‘Thomas Utting

 Jonathon ‘SHEEKEY‘ Sheekey

Statement from Jonathon Sheekey, IGL, Endpoint:

Firstly i would like to thank Adam and Pete for this opportunity to prove myself as an ingame leader aswell as a person. Now i finally have the players you need to improve, progress and move up the ladder im ready to show the UK and the world a new and refreshed Endpoint roster that will put in serious work to prove themselves to the scene. We have had small victories in terms of Gamdom but we are planning bigger and better things. We will be competing in ESEA Advanced league to try qualify for MDL, aswell as Minor qualifiers and things like that. That is all for now i will hopefully let the results do the talking.

Statement from Adam Jessop, CEO, Endpoint:

Changes are sometimes inevitable within a counter strike team, and nowhere is that more evident than here in the UK. Bringing in a strong IGL will make for some much needed structure, meaning Endpoint can try and reproduce that winning formula after what was ultimately a disappointing season. I have full faith in Thomas and Sheekeys passion and abilities to help us navigate the team in the right direction and I’m excited for the road ahead. We will always do our best to help the UK esports scene and with this lineup, I hope to pave the way for more success, both domestically and internationally, for our loyal fans.