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CSGO’s biggest meta change ever

Valve has recently dropped the biggest meta change for CSGO since the CZ-75 update. Lots of players are hailing this as the update to save Counter-Strike, while others are still unconvinced of it’s ‘improvements’. Let’s have a look at the changes and what they ultimately mean for the game.

The CZ-75’s damage output has been nerfed significantly. It’s only really usable in anti-ecos and most effective while tap firing, but that doesn’t exactly play to the pistols strengths. With the drop in performance for the spray and pray handgun, the Tec-9 has finally had some buffs that make it a viable weapon once again. It’s random inaccuracy has been reduced, making it better for mid range encounters, as well as it’s accuracy recovery rate having been increased, making it a better option for panic firing. The Five-seveN has been a solid choice for a while now, but we’re finally seeing the Tec-9 in competitive a lot more, rather than the CZ.

The SG553 and AUG have also seen some changes, though rather in performance, in their price. They’re both $50 more than the other premium rifles, being the AK47 and M4’s respectively. This means, if you prefer the scoped weapons, it’s now viable to purchase them in competitive. This is great as Valve is encouraging a bit of variety in late game matches; rather than buckling down on the AK meta. We might even see some AUG or SG’s in high level matches, which would open up to new tactics from the teams.

The loss bonus has also been increased, meaning bomb plants carry less importance than before. This will make it easier for Terrorists to hold a good economy in the early game if they can’t quite win the opening rounds.

We’re also seeing the removal of Canals and the introduction of Austria, a snowy map that made an appearance in the most recent hydra operation. Sub Zero and Biome have also been added to the game, but only for the casual game modes. This might be their testing period before arriving to competitive, but at least we can test them out with official online matchmaking. Both maps have been fan favourites of mappers for a while now and it’s great to see Valve adding more content to the game.

The changes are a big mixup to the basic mechanics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you’ve taken a break from the game, this is the perfect time to get back in the action. The updates are exciting, but still a little worrying. We don’t definitively know if it’s made CSGO a better game, but only time can tell.

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