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CZ nerf? – June patch notes

As with any other popular multiplayer title, Counter Strike Global Offensive is always going through changes; Be it weapon balancing or map updates. This article will summarise the recent patch notes and help you understand the implications of the numbers being thrown at you.

For quite a while, The CZ was the king of pistols. Perfect for anti ecos, even force buys. As with every great weapon in CSGO, it needed to become a little less great. That’s okay though, it made the Tec-9 and Five seveN obsolete and CSGO is meant to be promoting the idea of unique, stylised gameplay. While it is sad to see the base damage drop from 33 (lethal headshot against helmeted foe) to 31 (non lethal headshot against helmeted foe), the weapon is still perfectly capable of mowing down small corridors of silvers. Two shots to the head isn’t too difficult with it seeing as it still spits out 600 bullets per minute (The same as an AK-47). All it means is you might encounter a few more alternative weapon choices while people experiment with the other options available to them.

I’ve always had a fascination in the CZ-75, if you want to find out why it is such a weird and wonderful weapon, check out this article written by me in my early esports days.

The M4 brothers have been toe to toe since the M4A1-S was introduced to CSGO. A lot of the pro players argue the M4A4 is the better rifle, though that doesn’t stop a lot of teams picking up the silenced approach. The biggest drawback for the M4A1-S was the lack of ammunition, with only two magazines spare, meaning you had to make every shot count. The new patch has given this firearm 60 bullets in reserve, giving it a longer life cycle during single rounds without making it a clear winner over the M4A4. If you haven’t picked a favourite weapon yet, we recommend trying the M4A1’s newfound ammo count a try.

The MP7 was always in a strange place in CSGO. Costing $1700, it was for more expensive than the Mac-10 and MP9 and arguably just as effective. The clear choice was just to buy a UMP-45 for only $1200. Fear not, MP7 lovers, the weapons price tag has been dropped to an affordable $1500, letting you buy a flash bang with the spare cash. It might not seem like a huge difference at first but that extra money could mean the difference of an AWP or scout in later rounds.


That’s right – A lot of players favourite map has seen some much needed changes. Gone is the weird “Do I jump or not” situation at T side apps, replaced with some beautiful stairs just waiting to be walked on. The skybox has also been opened up, meaning you can throw grenades over every building. This is a huge change for the map and one welcomed by the community with open arms. Each map having a very specific skybox that only experienced players knew about meant newer players had a harder time setting up smokes and flashes because they had no idea if the map would let them do it. If Valve are taking an open skybox approach to one of their most popular maps, we might see it a bit more on the others too. Lots of visibility problems have also been fixed – It’s probably a good idea to set up an empty server and have an explore for yourself.


Yes, this map still exists. A lot of players dismiss it for being overly complex and linear but Valve are desperate to get players to try it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; a bigger map pool is good for the game. Well, if you can remember the old layout, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. The terrorist approach to B has seen major changes with a split path and some other visibility changes making it easier to spot out hiding players.

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