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Dust II is back, baby!

With it’s brief hiatus from Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s competitive map pool, the non-stop B rush is back and better than ever. Valve has decided to drop Cobblestone in favour of the (relatively) new Dust II, meaning we’ll see souvenir Vari-camos instead of any more Dragon Lore’s for the next major tournament: The Face-it series in London.

Dust II’s position in Majors has always followed a similar trend. No teams favour the map especially, but no one dislikes it either. This means neither team will ban it when starting a professional game, but also no team will pick it, therefore it has forever held the title as the tie breaker map.

It’s reputation doesn’t look like it will change any time soon, however – players and analysts have disliked Valve’s approach to creating their new map roster, saying that Cobblestone’s removal was done far too late in the year and too close to the next major, so players who have been practising the map will have to look for alternatives.

While Dust has had it’s holiday, we’ve seen Nuke and Cache being consistent tie breaker maps. With Nuke’s recent map balances and updates, however, there’s a chance that some teams may want to choose it and break it in somewhat.

Either way, we’re excited to how the new map pool fares in the upcoming major and we can’t wait to see the teams square off on them.

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