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Endpoint’s ESL Success

After a tantalising victory in the ESL Premiership last Sunday, We’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and think back to the other victories. The gold medal isn’t new to the team, but that feeling of coming out on top never gets old. Endpoint have won the ESL Prem four times – 2017, 2018 and twice in 2019.

On the t side we felt like we were just on point and everyone had a clear idea of what to do as we have played with each other before and the chemistry was just there between us.

Russel ‘Russ’ Mendes –
Autumn 2019

The last round on inferno when we have advantage and were about to win the event but then everyone over faces and we end up losing that map. I just remember robiin slamming his desk, it was way too funny.

Reece ‘Puls3’ Mars –
Summer 2018

Though the team is malleable with it’s roster changes and the dynamics of the players shifting, one thing has always stayed consistent. Endpoint pulls through. If the battle is uphill, the team finds a way to even the odds with unrivalled tactics and fast pace mechanics.

Summer 2019, c –

Despite problems within the teams over the last two seasons, we have still managed to put together a squad capable of bringing down the UK’s strongest teams to take the trophies

Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop –
Winter 2019, c –

During the prem finals was that when I started to call we just kept winning rounds and I felt like everyone fully trusted me. Max called most of the pistol rounds and some of the mid rounds and it was working pretty well for us.

Russel ‘Russ’ Mendes

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