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George ‘HudzG’ Hoskins joins Endpoint CS:GO

Since our 2nd place finish at both the Multiplay UK Masters and Insomnia 59 event, we have been looking to secure a permanent 5th player who can fit into our strong line-up. We are therefore extremely pleased to welcome George ‘HudzG’ Hoskins to the team, who will be with us during our extremely busy first season of 2017.

George brings a wealth of experience within the counter strike scene, having played at a professional level in Counter Strike: Source for teams such as London Mint, mTw and Dignitas.


Statement from George ‘HudzG’ Hoskins:

Here we go again, after announcing my previous international lineup, 2 days into the project someone decided to leave. Unfortunately this pretty much killed all the plans we had in place with organisations and finding a suitable replacement. At the time of announcing our lineup it was something we were happy with, so we all decided to mutually end the project instead of trying to force something together. This was a really bad set of circumstances and we are all still in contact, as well as good friends. It was something that could of been avoided easily if communication had been clearer.

After all this happened I decided I still wanted to carry on playing CS, but try again in UK, as a lot of good leagues have been announced and I got presented with an opportunity to play with Endpoint. We were actually in contact before WCA China, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to join as my working hours prevented me, and I needed to sort a lot of things out within my personal life. I have known most the lads for a while now, especially immi since back in the cs:source days. I feel that they share the same ambitions and goals that I do.

Slotting into this already solid lineup means I can focus fully on my own game and try and reach the level I did in source. Hopefully this will be long and stable relationship and I hope that we can achieve everything we have set in place. For now our goals will be looking towards the ESEA Premier , UKGT , EPS and UK Masters. I am definitely looking forward to an all in schedule.