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Luzuh signs with Endpoint CS:GO

Following the announcement of our new team back in September, it is no secret that we have terminated the contracts of both Tom ‘Jenko’ Jenkinson and Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield. Since that time the team has been looking into various options with a key focus on stability and finding the right fit. Today we are pleased to announce the official signing of Joe ‘Luzuh’ Loose as the teams 4th member and that we will also be competing at the upcoming insomnia 59 tournament with Jesper ‘Jesp’ Johansson.

Statement from Ian ‘Immi’ Harding, CS:GO Team Leader

So after last iSeries, I decided I was going to build a long lasting lineup. Luzuh was one of the many people I was looking at taking on board. The lineup we had for certain was myself, Esio and Max but instead of going along with my plan, I made a rash decision to pick up smooya and Jenko. I was looking at instant success rather than future success and building an actual team.
Turned out Jenko wanted to play with friends and smooya’s attitude just wasn’t what we were looking to play with in the long run. So the past 2 months we’ve been trying out various players and Luzuh is the perfect fit for our AWPer role. He has a really good attitude and good motivation. All we need now is a 5th and we’re ready to go. The end of this year hasn’t gone as expected but we’re looking towards a good result at iSeries and are hoping to win all of our remaining games in UK Masters.
The main goal is to get a 5th and go down the original plan of making a long lasting team within the UK instead of all the constant roster changes. A big thanks to Endpoint as they’ve been nothing but supportive. Even with everything that has happened to this lineup, we look forward to progressing as a team and as an organisation.


Statement from Joe ‘Luzuh’ Loose

I’m looking forward to signing with Team Endpoint from here on out, it’ll be my first “proper” team and I look forward to playing with my experience teammates and learning from them. I’ll be representing Team Endpoint in UK Masters each week and at the upcoming Insomnia event in December. Thanks to Team Endpoint for this opportunity and thanks to the sponsors HyperX & AVerMedia