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M4A4 or M4A1-S?

Deciding which weapon to use in CSGO is like choosing which boots to wear for football. Sure, some may be suited for longer passes, but others excel in wet weather. The two weapons seem very similar at first glance – The M4A4 looks like the M16’s cousin and the M4A4 is a familiar sight in most video games. Although neither weapons strictly exist in the real world according to their CSGO design, we generally understand the idea. Point and click.

Both weapons cost the exact same ($3100), have the same reload time (3.1 seconds) and do the same damage (33). Surely, then, it doesn’t matter… right?

Choosing which counter-terrorist weapon can be difficult, though it really does come down to preference. With that said, let’s look at the differences between the two firearms.

What’s the difference?

The CT rifles can be difficult and confusing to newer players. The general advice is to watch the professional players and do what they do, but there isn’t a global consensus on which is better. One game a player might be using the shorter M4A4, though the next they’re rocking a shiny M4A1.

The M4A4 boats thirty rounds in a magazine with two mags spare. It has a skinny profile and houses the recognisable rail covers. This thing has a high rate of fire at six hundred and sixty six rounds per minute and, like it’s older brother, takes two well aimed shots to the head to kill an armoured opponent at moderate ranges.

The M4A1-S comes from previous titles of the Counter Strike roster as an available option that will replace the default M4A4. It’s silencer makes it’s sound profile significantly quieter, though the ammo capacity is much lower at twenty rounds per mag with only forty in reserve, making it difficult to challenge multiple assailants at once. It has a slower RPM at 600, though it is still imperative to keep an eye on your bullet count.

Like the USP-S, the M4A1-S has a silencer that can be deattached and reattached with your right mouse button. It makes the weapon handle worse, but unlike the USP-S, sometimes removing it can be an advantage. It makes the weapon incredibly long – this can easily give away your position when you’re trying to sneak a kill in De_Mirage’s connector.

The M4A4 and the P2000 go hand in hand too – both are better suited for spraying and burst fire with their larger magazines. This is why some people recommend the M4A4 for newer players, as it allows them to panic spray and make mistakes. The M4A1-S is less forgiving, however, demanding you to be selective with your shots.

Which should I use?

This doesn’t mean the M4A4 is a noob weapon by any means, however. Like previously mentioned, the pros like to use both weapons, alternating between the two constantly. The M4A4 is generally considered a better primary weapon for shorter ranged maps such as Cache or Mirage due to it’s forgiving nature and extra RPM, whereas the M4A1-S is better suited for long range engagements, such as Dust_IIs A site and Cobblestone.

Think about where you fancy playing and on which maps and train with friends or bots. Understanding the spray patterns and limitations/advantages of both rifles is imperative to executing a good CT game.

Regardless, it’s important to play with the weapons you find comfortable. If you like the quiet death stick and can’t bare to use the loud, rowdy killing cannon, use it all the time; by all means. If you want to adapt to each map, that’s fine too. CSGO is all about having fun, choose a weapon that suits your play style, get out there and get those terrorists.

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