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New Counter Strike lineup.

Following our somewhat disappointing performance in season 1 of the Gfinity Elite Series, we have made the decision to refresh our Counter Strike: Global Offensive lineup. We have spent a lot of time over the last month or so putting a lineup together that we feel can work well together and dedicate the time needed into pushing themselves to the next level. In order to help them realise their true potential, we will be providing a team house for them to live and train together for the duration of their contracts.

Whilst retaining the UK base, we have introduced two incredible European players to strengthen the lineup and bring something new to the team.

Our new lineup is:

  • Ian ‘Immi‘ Harding
  • Max ‘MiGHTYMAX‘ Heath
  • Tramaine ‘Stan1ey’ Stanley
  • Yannick ‘yNc‘ Van Boven
  • Dion ‘FASHR‘ Derksen

We are proud to welcome Stan1ey, yNc and FASHR to Endpoint and look forward to seeing them work alongside our core of Immi and MiGHTYMAX. The first event the team will attend together will be the ESL Premiership finals at EGX, we then look forward to competing in season 2 of the Gfinity Elite Series.

We would also like to thank James ‘Kryptix’ Affleck, Charlie ‘pickles’ Pickles and Jesper ‘Jesp’ Johansson for their time and representing us in the Gfinity Elite Series season 1.