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Official statement

Following Copenhagen Games there have been a number of changes in the team due to circumstances outside of our control.

From the very beginning, Endpoint has been about growing talent within the UK and providing a platform for teams to develop and progress their careers. A key part of this we believe, is having facilities available to us and using them as a tool to allow players to practice and work together in a way that being online can’t.

The acquisition of the two Serbian players was done with the intent that they would be able to move to the UK for extended periods of time and make full use of these facilities. However, due to government legislation, or lack thereof regarding visa’s, it’s been made clear that our goal of having them use our facilities or even in the country is a very difficult task, if not impossible under the current circumstances. This meant we would have to essentially put forward a mix team for domestic LAN events. This would severely impact our ability to compete in domestic events that are important to us as an organisation.

Due to this we have decided to focus our effort on helping younger domestic players for the foreseeable future, allowing us to give them the proper support they need, and utilise the facilities and access available to us. 

Therefore our lineup for this season is as follows:

We are committed to continuing to support UKCS. We want to remain focused purely on the development of talent within the UK and believe having a full UK lineup, that is able to utilise the facilities available to us, is the best way to go moving forward for us and our partners.