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Operation Shattered Web

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has waited two years since its last operation. On 2017, Operation Hyrda took players into new maps and AI slaying missions, with a slew of new maps and weapon skins.

Operation Shattered Web is no different, with some new maps to play with and FOUR new weapon crates. Players who don’t buy the pass will still get to experience these maps for free, so you won’t be missing out. However, those who do buy the pass get access to missions and the Operation coin. Doing missions will not only give you in game rewards – you’ll also get stars to upgrade your coin from Bronze to Platinum. Fair warning, however, getting platinum requires players to 100% the operation, so prepare for some grinding. You can, however, buy stars, a seemingly new stance from Valve.

Look out for the Co-op missions, effectively a campaign-esque game mode that has players follow a linear story filled with voice acting, characters and lore. That’s right, Counter-Strike operations have lore, and if you can be bothered, you’ll find that all of the modern operations have too. Have fun trawling through forums to find it all!

As Counter-Strike is now Free To Play, it seems the prices are getting jacked up for all the premium content. The passes used to be around a fiver; though Operation Shattered Web will set you back £12/$15 for a shiny new pass. We don’t know if this is an effect of the game being free or that the new Operation has more content than the older ones.

A new addition is custom player models. Players can unlock new skins through the operation that can be applied universally – like a knife skin or music track. They vary in rarity, giving players the option to change how they look. There is currently no option to disable custom player skins, though it’s hard to imagine that Valve won’t implement this for competitive players. Watch out for the end screen, where the best players of each match line up to show off their skills.