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P2000 or USP-S?

When booting up Counter Strike for the first time, you may be confused why you have a silenced USP that you can replace your P2k with. Professional players are usually seen using the quiet option, but why? Which one is better, and why should you never right click with the USP?

To be completely honest, it doesn’t matter. It’s really a matter of preference that differs from player to player. Neither one is ‘superior’, though people are very quick to pick a favourite and say the other pistol is a terrible option. They’re two incredibly similar weapons with identical tasks.

Which should I use?

The 9mm P2000 is generally accepted as the better option for beginners. The Heckler and Koch pistol that is based on the USP itself has one more bullet per magazine and more magazines available overall. The reload is .20 seconds quicker and is more accurate while moving, meaning it’s easy to run and gun with the firearm. While it has the potential to one shot enemies without head armour, most new players focus on just trying to hit their opponents, meaning the extra bullet could save your life.

The H&K USP-S, on the other hand, is a Counter Strike favourite. A lot of players will die by this gun because of it’s use in previous Counter Strike titles. the .45 caliber ‘Universal Self-Loading Pistol’ has a removable silencer, which often confuses newer players. In most FPS games, adding a silencer to a firearm will make it do less damage. This misconception will probably lead them to take the silencer off, removing every advantage it had over the P2000. In fact, without a silencer, the USP suddenly becomes incredibly inaccurate; the only good thing is that it’s shorter on the player model.

The USP does slightly more damage and is a little more accurate than the P2k. This means it’s better to pace your shots and aim for the head, methodically killing people in one shot rather than throwing as much lead downrange as possible. The difference between the two weapons only becomes clear when the silencer is considered. The noise it makes is drastically reduced compared to every firearm in the game (except the M4a1-S). Sure, people will know where you are when you start firing at them, but if you kill someone who’s on their own with one shot, their team mates will have no idea where you are. All they’ll hear is their friend complain about your aim assist and how it’s not a 128 tick server.

If they’re so similar, Why even have two different weapons?

Preference! Although newer players should use the P2000, it really doesn’t matter. Like, at all. Higher elo games will see 10 USP-S’s, but just because a pro uses it doesn’t mean you have to. Play around with both weapons, download a training map and figure out which one you prefer. At the end of the day, some people will prefer the extra ammunition and some people will fancy themselves a quiter gun. It’s all down to what you like to use.

Just remember these two rules: Never let anyone tell you which one to use and NEVER take the silencer off the USP. EVER.

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