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Viewer pass explained

If you have logged onto Steam in the past few days, you may have seen the Katowice View pass advertised on the home screen. This may seem a little odd to the newer Counter Strike players, as it implies that the majors are turning into pay per view. Before we explain what the Viewer pass is, let’s break down why it’s important.

During past majors, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allowed players to purchase team stickers and use them to make guesses on the outcomes of the matches. Correct answers would award you points, and points would earn you a medal to display on your account. Stickers weren’t expensive necessarily, but you would have to buy a lot of them if you wanted to get a decent medal by the end of the tournament.

Another free feature were souvenir drops. These would randomly drop to players watching the majors (Either on twitch or through the CSGO Client) and, should you be lucky enough to get one, would contain a skin from the map collection the round was played in and four golden stickers. These would represent the major played, the teams playing and the MVP of the round you won the souvenir case in. Sound confusing? No?

Now that Counter-Strike has officially gone free to play, there were worries that people could set up numerous accounts to farm souvenir drops without actually watching the major. This means that people who are actually watching the majors would receive nothing for the entire event.

The Viewer Pass costs $10/£7.99 and gives you access to the following –

  • Souvenir cases
  • Katowice 2019 medals
  • Free pickem stickers
  • Free unlimited team sprays (until the end of the event)

Souvenir cases have changed dramatically – Instead of dropping throughout the matches, they will instead be awarded to players who complete challenges using the pickem system. With pickem stickers being free once the pass has been purchased, it will be easier to get more points this time around.

This means that the Katowice 2019 Major is likely to have less viewers than any other CSGO Major – but is it really a bad thing if Valve is culling the bot viewers? And by buying the View Pass, you’re saving money as apposed to buying each sticker individually, assuming you voted in every match.

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