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Endpoint announce SFV roster

We are extremely excited to announce our Street Fighter 5 roster going into the inaugural season of the Gfinity Elite Series. To aid us recruit and manage the Street Fighter roster, we have acquired the services of long time Fighting Games Community and esports veteran, James Banks. Banks has a strong knowledge of esports having been a part of the scene for over 10 years, and has brought together a team of players that are showing real potential in Street Fighter 5.

We would therefore like to give a huge welcome to:


Main Character: Vega

I am really excited to join Endpoint. I think we will be an underdog team and I am looking forward to representing the team and getting the team together to go all the way as a unit. I honestly feel incredibly honoured and proud to be in this situation and can’t wait to get into the fight!

I’m thrilled and grateful to be a part of Endpoint, and am 100% excited to get a chance to put them on the SFV map. I think we have a strong team with great character diversity and can definitely show what Endpoint is capable of.


Main Character: Dhalsim

Gfinity Challenger Series Winner


Main Character: Ken

I believe being a member of Endpoint will be a great experience. The team have very good players and being apart of Endpoint will allow me to test my skills competitively in the Gfinity Elite Series.

Looking forward to representing myself and and Endpoint in Street Fighter V. Can’t wait to start playing and travelling for events! I am confident that we’ll all perform well and I’m proud to have a strong team to rely on coaching each other to victory. All of us are hungry to play and improve. Before starting we all knew of each other and have mutual respect – It will be interesting to see our different experience and match up knowledge play out in a formal tournament.


Main Character: Laura


Main Character: Mika


Joining Endpoint is a great opportunity to show myself on the big stage. Playing against the best players of Europe won’t be easy, but I believe I’m capable of doing more than just making up the numbers and winning for our team.

I feel our team covers a lot of match ups and I feel like we have the potential to do really well in the Gfinity Elite Series. As of getting the opportunity I feel very lucky to be chosen without my real tag and I am definitely glad to be drafted into a pro team – hopefully I can body some people along the way to prove myself.


Main Character: Mika


James Banks

Team Manager

It has been a long time since I have been so deeply involved in the fighting scene, I was a competitive Virtua Fighter 5 players way back when in 2007/8 after retiring from Counter-Strike. More recently I have been involved in a variety of Street Fighter events and I can honestly say that the competition and passion has got incredibly fierce, these guys amaze me with what they are able to do and I truly believe we are going to turn some heads during the Elite Series. All I can say is the other teams best be ready for us, if your underestimate us, you will get bodied!