Endpoint enter the H1Z1 arena


At Endpoint we have been looking into the right opportunities to branch into more games, and we are really pleased that we are able to take advantage in the rising popularity of the relatively new game, H1Z1. The game has been popular on Twitch ever since it’s release and there has been a growing interest in the competitive scene.

Whilst there are no major tournaments announce around Europe right now, there have been a number of large events in North America, which has seen teams such as Cloud9, CLG and EchoFox all pick up rosters. We will be working closely with our new lineup to ensure that they are prepared for any events that come up.

The lineup consists of:

  • David ‘jaFro‘ Davison
  • Chris ‘Ska‘ Cullinane
  • Jodan ‘Joffers‘ Collins
  • Daniel ‘Danfro‘ Lappalainen
  • Kieron ‘Rekoill‘ Davies


Statement from David ‘Jafro’ Davison:

We are really pleased to be the face of H1Z1 for a well established orginisation such as Endpoint. The game is still growing towards being a competitive esport with more orginisations taking it on every day. We are already facing the big names on the scrims server already and are hoping our CS and Quake experience can give us an edge over these already big names.


We look forward to working alongside the team.

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