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Endpoint partner with NAU Drinks

We are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with NAU Drinks, a company bringing a new drink to the market for gamers. NAU Snse is a long lasting source of focus without using caffeine or any nasty chemicals often associated with modern energy drinks. It relies on herbal remedies such as L-theanine, Cogniva, lemon balm and a healthy dosage of B-vitamins. It’s use of natural ingredients mean that NAU Snse will keep you focused for longer without any crashes or jitters.

NAU drinks will help you play better, react faster, improve memory all with healthy ingredients. That’s why they’re supplying our players and streamers with NAU Snse in order to keep them on the top of their game. Not only are their drinks caffeine free, they’re also vegan friendly, GMO free have a low calorie count.

Check them out here and use code ‘Endpoint’ for 10% off!

Statement from Adam Jessop, CEO, Endpoint:

We have been really impressed by NAU’s approach to their product and their approach to what is a popular market. They have brought out a drink that is specifically targeted towards gamers, which doesn’t pump caffeine into the body, but instead improves various cognitive functions. We look forward to working with them and utilising their products to support our players progression.

Statement from Linus Olsson, CEO of NAU Drinks:

We are excited and look forward to support a professional organization such as Endpoint and being a part of their journey. Working together with Endpoint that shares the same values as us means a great deal.