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ISAACYYY joins Endpoint as CS:GO streamer

At Endpoint we are always on the lookout for hardworking individuals who can represent our brand and partners on various media channels, especially Twitch. We have recently been working on strengthening our streaming offering again, and we are therefore extremely happy to be able to welcome Richard ‘ISAACYYY‘ Isaac to Endpoint as an official member of the streaming team.

Richard has a dedicated schedule and streams 7 hours of content, 5 days a week and has passionately grown his brand and channel following over the course of two years. We recognise this hard work and dedication and look forward to working closely with Richard to further strengthen his channel through various partner giveaways as well as incorporating him into a number of upcoming media projects in the near future.

Be sure to follow Richard’s channel at:

Tune in to him at the following times:

Monday: 1600 – 2300 CET
Tuesday: 1600 – 2300 CET
Wednesday: 1600 – 2300 CET
Thursday: 1600 – 2300 CET
Friday: DAY OFF
Saturday: DAY OFF
Sunday: 1600 – 2300 CET