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Jacky & Esio join Endpoint

Today we are extremely pleased to announce that Jack ‘Jacky‘ Peters and Ben ‘Esio‘ Doughty are joining the Endpoint organisation. Both of them have been stalwarts within the UK scene for quite some time, specifically with regards to Counter Strike. They both have a wealth of experience in front of the camera, having successful casting  careers that saw them heavily involved with the Gfinity Elite Series, as well as their ongoing presence as part of the ESL UK Premiership team.

Jack and Ben will be coming on board to head up our media team. They will be bringing you a range of content ranging from Fortnite streams to more extensive videos featuring our teams and players, which will be available on our YouTube channel.

We are truly excited about having them on board and look forward to creating unique and engaging content with them.

Quote from Ben ‘Esio‘ Doughty:

I’m incredibly excited to return to Team Endpoint who have easily been my favourite organisation in recent years. This decision was easy for me especially as I’ve had some of my fondest memories in esports while flying the Endpoint banner. I’m looking forward to the coming months where we can help grow the brand further!

Quote from Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters:

I’m absolutely over the moon to be joining endpoint alongside my dear friend in Benjamin ‘Esio’ Doughty, I’ve worked closely with endpoint outside of anything official for a long time and I think it’s fantastic that we are now bridging the gap and going to be having a more public partnership together. I’m super excited for some of the content we’re going to be producing together and absolutely pumped to see how things grow from this point onwards.
I want to thank endpoint for this offer of support they’re going to be giving me & Ben, that should allow us to really put some dedicated time into our own personal streams!

As part of this announcement they are also running a giveaway, so be sure to enter following the link below: