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New Team: Battalion 1944

Endpoint has recently picked up a new addition to the ever growing Esports family. Harking back to the original Call Of Duty games but with a new modern twist, Battalion 1944 is a World War II era game created by Bulkhead interactive. Although still on early access, this game aims to be fully released by 2019 and has even promised all future DLC to be free. More and more talented teams have been popping up in the wake of Battalion’s success, including The Bang, now joining Endpoint gaming as the best Battalion players on the force.

Currently ranked at 3rd in the European Battalion Esports scene, most of the players have deep roots in Call of Duty, competing in various esports events for the older titles. The British team have been making a name for themselves among the Battalion fans, demonstrating clear talent and expertise in their craft. Boasting three silvers and a gold in the Blitzkrieg battle events. This Battalion league allows the developers to analyse the game balance and how the best players perform on the early access game. In fact, looking at the teams B44TV page, it becomes instantly clear that these guys are a cut above the rest, even so far as coming out on top against CoD giants such as Article51.

The lineup consists of:

 Sam ‘sus‘ Hogan

 Isaac ‘j_money‘ Qureshi

 Jack ‘SAINT6‘ Hatton

 Liam ‘fanCy‘ Ebanks

 Joe ‘BEAKZY‘ Haynes

Jack ‘Saint6’ Hatton, a former Call Of Duty 2 player on the team, wants to ‘attend the first few LANs in Battalion and get some decent offline results’ and is excited to ‘see how Battalion as a game progresses.’ Battalion’s incredible success isn’t unheard of for a game in early access, but still impressive by any means. Hatton understands that ‘the developers are planning for long-term success with the game’ meaning ‘it will be around for a while.’ He isn’t eager to switch to a different platform though, as ‘there’s not really another game out at the moment that I could see myself playing competitively’.


Statement from Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop, Endpoint CEO:

Having a deep rooted personal history in the original Call of Duty titles, the release of Battalion has been incredibly exciting for me. I still reminisce about the Call of Duty PC scene with fond memories, and look forward to seeing this kind of game at esports events once again. As a British organisation, we wanted to support the games esport scene, which has risen from the UK based Bulkhead Interactive. The community interaction and support from the studio has been great and we look forward to the many events that are starting to crop up for this extremely enticing game. It has been extremely difficult to pick a path to go down, as there are a number of ex PC COD professionals embracing Battalion as well as exciting new, raw talent. We feel that the level of dedication and passion the team formally know as ‘The Bang!’ have shown, matches ours completely.