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New year update!

Happy New Year

We want to start off this post by saying that we hope that all of our fans, partners and players all had a great Christmas and we wish you all the best for the New Year.

2017 was a huge year for Endpoint, which saw our 1 year anniversary, the acquisition of 2 gaming houses (Rocket League and CS:GO) as well as competing in the inaugural year of the Gfinity Elite Series, where our Rocket League team took the Championship and Runner-Up spots in consecutive seasons. We had a strong Street Fighter V team, full of entertaining characters and powerful underdogs who burst into the UK FGC scene. We also became, without doubt, the number 1 UK CS:GO team with victories in ESL UK & IE Premiership and UK Masters, and we also competed alongside other big European teams within the Mountain Dew Premier.

With 2018 kicking off, we are keen to continue our rapid growth and endeavour to represent the UK at large, international esports events.

Gfinity Elite Series

Unfortunately, despite our success in the first two seasons of the Elite Series, Gfinity have made the decision not to renew our franchise contract for 2018. We will therefore not be present in the Elite Series competitions this year, and will focus our efforts in other competitions elsewhere. Whilst this is disappointing, we wish all the teams taking part in 2018 the best of luck, and hope that Gfinity continue to support UK teams and players.

Street Fighter Team

Following the news that we will not be part of the Elite Series in 2018, we have made the difficult decision not to re-contract our Street Fighter team. The players always represented Endpoint with pride and passion at various events, and were a real pleasure to work with. We wish them all the best in the future, and we are sure that we will see them within other Elite Series rosters in season 3 and beyond. We say goodbye and thanks to:

  • JeSTeRPoWeR – One of the most charismatic professionals in the scene, who always brought the theatre to the games.
  • Broski – What a year Rob had, going from online obscurity to taking down the #1 Dhalsim in Europe on live TV! A true gent and great competitive player.
  • GinoDaCampo – Another strong player full of personal charm and character, with the ability to go huge at any time.  He gave a standout performance on the Capcom Pro Tour stage at EGX.
  • JonesArcade – Yet another hidden gem in the UK FGC community, JonesArcade has gone from strength to strength and represented us around the world from Milan to California.

We would also like to thank our subs and drafts from our time on the Elite Series: GibbyGreatness, LavellUp, mossmossmoss & Poizesto.

Rocket League Team

Our Rocket League team have become firm fan favourites within the European community. Regularly performing beyond peoples expectations, they took the Elite Series Season 1 Championship and were Runners-Up in Season 2, in a closely fought final against Reason Gaming which went all the way down to the final game. The team solidified their status with the RLRS league with a strong 3rd position finish, and look forward to pushing on within that league, with the goal of reaching one of the coveted RLCS spots. We will continue to work with and support our Rocket League team who have shown incredible professionalism and loyalty to us.

Counter Strike

With the recent success and progress of our Counter Strike team, we will be focusing on supporting their continued progression and working on establishing our footing within the European and international scene. At Endpoint, we have always been keen to build a strong UK lineup and provide them with the support to be able to really put ‘UKCS’ back on the map. Following a somewhat disappointing exit in the semi final of Season 2 of the Elite Series, we have made the decision to focus solely on a UK lineup and part ways with our Dutch player, Dion ‘FashR’ Derksen.  The team will continue living in our Counter Strike team house, and we fully believe that they can build on their standing as the best UK team and start changing the stigma and cliche of UK Counter Strike. We will announce our new 5th in due time.


So there you have it, you are now up to date with all things Endpoint! We have made our own New Years resolution to keep you all up to date more regularly with content across social media, as well as posts right here on our website. It goes without saying, but we wouldn’t have had the 2017 that we had without the continued support of you, our fans, as well as our partners. So thanks to you all, and especially: