Veracity joins as Social Media Manager


At Endpoint we are always working hard on strengthening our team with the right candidates, people who share the same passion for esports as well as a professional, yet personable approach. We have been trying to find somebody who is willing to come on board and fill the role of Social Media Manager for some time. We believe we have found the perfect candidate in Jasmine ‘Veracity‘ Kanuga.

Jasmine will oversee our Social Media channels as well as assisting in managing our marketing budget for the organisation. We welcome her to Endpoint and look forward to working with her for the foreseeable future.

Statement from Jasmine ‘Veracity’ Kanuga:

I would just like to take this opportunity to firstly thank Endpoint and the team for approaching me with the offer of joining their organisation as Social Media Manager. I’m super excited as Endpoint is one of the most established eSports organisations in the UK, with a really great team of CS:GO players, and hard working group of staff.

With regards to what I plan to bring to the organisation, I’m hoping to boost audience interaction in the form of frequent social media posts and updates, community events, competitions, giveaways and tournaments; all to increase the sense of community within the UK scene (and to provide bragging rights for participants!).

I’m really looking forward to taking on this role and joining the team of talented individuals working at Endpoint, and I hope you guys enjoy the content which will be coming soon!


In other related news, we are now looking out for a now Content Manager / Editor at Endpoint after the unfortunate news that John ‘Dronee’ Gooderson has had to step down from the role due to time commitments. Think you have what it takes? Get in touch

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