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Every game has a relatively vague longevity. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends have built solidified their esports empires - and their vast time frames in gamers memories are a huge defining factor. Other games, such as FIFA and Call of Duty, also have success in the esports industry, though

It's no lie that the word esports comes with implications, be them good or not. It would appear that the general unassuming public don't know much about it other than it having something to do with video gaming. Why don't we delve into the world of the mass media trying to get a

For roughly half a year, I've been the proud owner of a noblechair. Those with keen eyes will know that noblechairs are one of our brilliant sponsors, however I am determined to give a fair review of their flagship product. With three chair designs to choose from, all with PU, Nappa and real leather, I

De_Cbble is a CSGO favourite. Having been around way before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Cobblestone has always confused new players due to it's winding tunnels and multiple hiding spots. The map, however, always seems to find it's way into the competitive map pool and is an esports standard. Whether its because people enjoy the

Our new website has finally launched! If you've been with us for a while, you may have noticed the old site lacking somewhat. It felt blocky and wasn't very user friendly, so we felt the need to give it a fresh lick of paint. After months of planning and tweaking, we are proud