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With the global pandemic making sporting events difficult to accomplish on any large scale, CSGO is finally being played at its highest level in a more familiar setting. Fans have been waiting almost half a year for the tactical shooter to reach our screens again, but ESL have kicked it off with some

Oh, we know. Just what you wanted to read from a gaming news section; "Legal papers". Don't worry, We promise not to bore you with legislation and all that. However, the ongoing conversation about lootboxes and their prominence in triple A titles will and is currently affecting how game developers create our favourite

Cheating in competitive games has been prevalent far before video games. Be it lying about your dice in snakes and ladders or committing a robbery in Monopoly, whenever there's a winner and a loser, people will try to cheat. Of course, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn't an exception; no matter how long you've been

The Endpoint team have had a few weeks to stick their teeth into Riot Games newest shooter and we've all been enjoying it. I mean, why wouldn't we? We're all Counter-Strike fans on some level, so that transfers to Valorant and gives us an edge on the players who haven't spent half their

Counter-Strike has won the hearts of gamers across the globe with it's pure gun play. The rules are simple and consistent and, with enough time, can be mastered by anyone. There's not a lot of random chance with this game, it's a strictly competitive environment with players ambling to be the best. TrackMania