25 Days of Endpoint
by Ashley Robinson

Twenty Twenty has been one hell of a ride. For a year of let-downs and awful news, esports has been a brilliant and welcome distraction, even if it’s had a rocky start. At the start of the year, we had majors being cancelled and tournaments grinding to a halt, but that wasn’t enough to keep us down. We’ve managed to keep calm and carry on – and carry on we have, bringing Endpoint to be the best esports organisation it can be. Here is how we did it!

We Rebranded the organisation at the beginning of the year. Gone was the old crosshair logo, in with the smooth updated emblem we proudly show off today.

Partnerships are so important in the esports business – CeX was, of course, a monumentous occasion for Endpoint. With the help from the guys at webuy.com, we knew we couldn’t settle for anything less than the best in our 2020 championships.

Our CSGO lineup was announced, and with our boys in blue, we’ve been retaking sites and rushing B with the best of them; and we’re not showing any signs of slowing down soon!

Lets not forget our Rocket League team, who’s taken the RLCS by storm!

We hit our 10,000 follower milestone on Twitter!

We hired our coach, RossR, who’s helped bring our team to victory and has been a driving force for the CSGO boys in their climb to the top

we competed in the dreamhack open anaheim,

Then we qualified for MDL,

Then our Rocket League team came third in the spring series

THEN we won the ESL spring premiership

Our Rocket League team gained a valuable member, Metsanauris

The CSGO boys won Home Sweet Home

Av3k signed on for 2020, keeping the Quake scene on its toes

And we signed flameZ, breathing life into our Counter-Strike matches

Lets not forget the amazing stream team we have built, entertaining everyone at home during lockdown

Our clothing line launched with some fantastic day one items (Perfect late Christmas gifts!)

Our Counter-Strike team made it to the top 30 globally on the HLTV rankings

before competing in the DreamHack Open Fall 2020

Noblechairs and Overclockers UK renewed their contracts, supporting and maintaining Endpoint to it’s fullest potential

Not to mention our new partnership with Thrustmaster

And how could we forget? We won ESL Prem Autumn!

And collected our award for being Organisation of the Year 2020

Shared with MiGHTYMAX, who won Player of the Year 2020

Then, of course, we won the ESEA MDL

And to finish off, we finally have our first purchasable in game items – The amazing Rocket League cars!

Finally, we want to thank you all for joining us on our adventure to the top. If you’re a die hard Endpoint twitch spammer or just mesmerised by our beautiful logo, we hope you stick around for 2021. From all of us at Endpoint, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!