Beyond NRG Review
by Ashley Robinson

Even before my first shaker of Beyond, I was an avid drinker of powdered energy drinks. I would chug a shaker full on the uphill walk to my university and often have another when I got home. I prefer the more manageable, longer bouts of energy I’m offered compared to traditional energy drinks, which would give me far too much for too short a time. So, you can imagine my pure excitement when I heard the news that Beyond NRG would be sponsoring Endpoint; and my extended joy over receiving some tubs of their drink. I also got to try the Vortex shaker, something I thought would be a gimmick at best. How did the drink stack up in my day to day life?

Beyond 19

Let's start with the drink, then. If you’re familiar with powdered energy drinks, you’ll know them for their lovely flavours and gritty texture. It’s not great to take a swig of perfectly blended lemonade only for it to have you chewing on tiny bits of unmixed powder. That’s not even mentioning the residue left at the bottom! Beyond far defied my expectations when I had no such issues with the drink. No left over powder and no gross sand-like sludge in my mouth. The flavour was fantastic, too - You really get a sense that the people making this love what they do. There are no tacky bright colours, no obnoxious smell - it genuinely surprised me how easy it is to drink. So nice, in fact, that I immediately bought more tubs from my own pocket.

We can’t talk about Beyond without mentioning their Vortex shaker. As I mentioned in the intro, I thought I’d use it once, smile, then put it back in the cupboard. That was before my daily routine of having my shaker mix my drink for me started - it’s astonishingly good at what it does. Now I feel like a complete tool when I use a different shaker and throw my arm around like an orangutan, I don’t know why all shaker cups don’t mix themselves. Doesn’t leak, see through, all the amenities you’d expect from a premium shaker with the added benefit of looking smug at your friends when your drink literally makes itself. Of course, you’ll be looking at your friends on Discord, given the state of the current world, but the point still stands.

Shaker top

The verdict, if you couldn’t already tell, is a positive one. Having tried all the flavours, I am particularly partial to Blue Raspberry Lemonade. I would strongly recommend getting the ‘Pathfinder pack’, which gives you one of each flavour in a sachet, before committing to a full sized tub. Though I’m sure you’d find whichever one you bought enjoyable, it’s worth making sure it’s a flavour you’ll fall in love with.

You can find Beyond NRG here