Endpoint Partners With BeyondNRG
by Ashley Robinson

Beyond NRG has stormed onto the esports scene with an array of fantastic gaming energy drinks made right here in the UK. The British made powdered energy supplement has an advanced nootropic formula that keeps you focused - along with a few other tricks up its sleeve. Beyond contains ingredients that are known to improve blood flow, enhance cognitive function, as well as reducing stress and relieving anxiety which are all key benefits when competing at high levels. 

With nutrition being at the forefront of Endpoints regime, Beyond was the natural choice as when mixed with water, the drink contains high inclusion rates of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even a natural source of caffeine. Although their formulation is impressive on it's own, they currently have five incredible flavours and are working on many more to come this year. Beyond have expressed keen interest in working within the esports scene, and we are pleased to announce they have chosen to become our official drinks sponsor. 

Beyond High Res 19

"Beyond’s goal is to eliminate the ‘crash’ after the initial spike of energy, typically experienced from traditional energy drinks. A unique formula packed full of natural ingredients and vigorously tested inclusion rates. The Beyond fusion formula with its nootropic stack, balances alertness with focus, to omit the crash experienced with standard energy drinks."

- Beyond NRG

Endpoint's players are constantly training to be the best they possibly can, and the need to focus is important for any competitive gamer. That's why Beyond has come up with an easy solution to mixing their drinks - the ‘Vortex Shaker’. This futuristic looking bottle spins the water and powder into a mini vortex, creating a perfectly blended flavour and eliminating the lumps found in most drinks shakers. 

Beyond High Res 21

"We are really excited to kickstart 2021 with Endpoint. Supporting British esports is at the heart of our mission here at Beyond and we can’t wait to prove ourselves in the industry as the drink that genuinely helps you compete. Our formula is something we worked on for over 18 months, tried and tested in in-game competitive situations, and now is the time for the world to experience what we have worked so hard on. 

We’re very proud to be working alongside Endpoint, helping them break through limits, whilst making nutrition a key priority for the team."

- Billy Webb, CEO of Beyond NRG  

You can get your hands on Beyond NRG at beyondnrg.com to see what all the hype is about. Be sure to check out ThatGuyMint's review of Beyond NRG and the Vortex Shaker!