Na'Vi set records
by Ashley Robinson

Na'Vi have had a horrific streak. They were one of the top teams in the world with some of the best players in the world, but had never managed to scrape a win in a CSGO major. S1mple, arguably one of the best players on the scene, has been a pro player since 2013; eight years of heartbreak before finally snagging the prestigious major championship. That's not all, though. As well as being new title winners, they are also the first team in CSGO's History to win a major without losing a single match. Think about that for a second. Every single match Natus Vincere played was a win.


If you were tuned in to the finals, you would have been treated to an incredibly close match between Na'Vi and G2. The overtime on nuke was white knuckle action, it wasn't actually clear that Na'Vi were going to win, especially with a few mistakes that kept setting them back. Their confidence didn't seem knocked and their plays were electrifying to watch, with so many memorable moments to reflect on. On top of that, Boombl4 proposed to his girlfriend on stage, which she apparently said yes to after the celebrations, which was a very sudden surprise for the spectators - we of course wish the two the best of luck in their future endeavours together!

An amazing and long overdue major, one that signifies the end of the Astralis reign; one that was somewhat apparent to spectators who have stayed in touch with the CSGO scene between the massive events like Stockholm. If you're desperate for more action, there is always something CSGO happening on twitch, but we're already setting our sights to the next major, excited to see who will rise from the crucible and take on the best teams in the world for a shot at glory.