The Ultimate Guide to Premier Mode
by Ashley Robinson

With the new operation came Broken Fang Premier Mode, but to give the missions a true farewell, everyone has been given access to Premier Mode until the operation ends. If you weren't already aware, Premier mode follows the same competitive ranking as a normal 5v5 and it will use, improve or otherwise affect your competitive rank.

Here's how it works; and if you're familiar with Professional Counter-Strike, this shouldn't look too alien to you. There are currently seven active maps (Inferno, Nuke, Train, Mirage, Overpass, Vertigo and Dust II). One team will ban two maps with a majority vote, meaning that map is not going to be played. The next team then bans three more maps, giving the first team a choice of two maps. One more map is banned and the game continues on the selected map. To make it fair, the team who banned the three maps can then choose which team they would like to play as first. That's not even mentioning the post round screen, showing you who had the advantage and overcame the odds to win the round!

In case that's confusing, here is an example;
Team A: Bans Mirage and Vertigo
Team B: Bans Nuke, Inferno and Dust II
Team A: Bans Train
The match will be carried out on Overpass
Team B: Chooses CT


What are the strategies?

Firstly, playing as a five man team is always preferred. If that's not possible, try to play as a three, as this will give you the majority in map picks.

Secondly, learn as many maps as you can to a fair degree. It's all well and good if you can only play Mirage and Dust II, but the risk of the enemy team banning them is too high (Learning an off beat map like Vertigo could also play into your hands, as it might get left over at the end). You could easily end up playing a map you are uncomfortable with, or don't know to a competitive degree. Any maps you and your team really dislike are easy bans, but that gets rid of the third tip;

Thirdly, leave the maps you think are least likely to be picked until last. The more 'bad' maps you ban, the more control you give to the other team. You have to let them take out the ones you think are unlikely to be picked to give your team more chance to pick the map you prefer. The downside to this is, of course, the other team calling your bluff and choosing to play on something you hate (For me, this would be train). There's a fine art in choosing the correct maps to remove, so get used to how people pick.


And lastly; Learn which sides are better for which map. Overpass is a rather CT sided map, for example - so if you have a choice of T or CT, you should know which side your team will want to play to extend your advantage.

An interesting idea is that Premier might replace the standard 5v5 competitive mode. At the moment, it's running alongside standard competitive, though it would make sense for this to be the 'ultimate competitive experience'. Lots of other competitive games allow picks and bans (Such as League Of Legends) to let players control their experience, and it's already been used in Pro leagues for years. Would it be so weird to think that Operation Broken fang was a test?