Among Us – Kill your friends
by Ashley Robinson

You’ve undoubtedly seen the two dimensional space suit wearing game of deception creeping up on social media, if not already gotten stuck in yourself. Among us, for the uninitiated, is a werewolf style game where one or two people have to quietly dispatch their friends without alerting anyone.

Having played this with my own mates, I can attest to how manic it makes you. You lose faith in everyone as you try to desperately figure out who to fling into space for their possible transgressions. You’ll quickly get into a shouting match with someone in your first few games as they try to pin something on you.

This unassuming game came from a few streamers stumbling upon it and showing the world how fun it can be to chase people around in a cartoon spaceship. The games tasks mean you’ll always have something to do, even if you die in the first two minutes, ask ghosts can have a huge impact on who wins the game. I’ve been in a situation where the innocent people had all finished their tasks but because the ghosts were lazy, we just got slaughtered one by one. If you want a new game for your friend group to latch onto, look no further than Among Us. Besides, who could say no to £3.99? And if that seems like too much, remember! You can play the game for free on mobile, so don’t be afraid to try before you buy!