Apex Legends struggles against Fortnite
by Ashley Robinson

In the early days of Battle Royale games, people would refer to each new instalment as a ‘PUBG Clone’. Nowadays, each game is judged side by side against Fortnite in its popularity and accessibility. Apex Legends was the brainchild of Respawn Entertainment, as they crossed their widely successful franchise Titanfall with the Battle Royale formula.

The game took off on release, with seemingly every twitch streamer playing Apex Legends. Infact, EA payed a selection of streamers to play the game for the first day, which attracted 50 million players to the title. It soon surpassed Fortnite in viewership in February 2019 before falling back to the sidelines shortly after.

Apex Legend’s answer to this shift in dynamic, however, is the esports scene. While it had a sensational beginning, the game has slowly become more competitive, adding a ranking system so players could judge themselves against the wider player base. It wasn’t long before Fortnite implemented a very similar ranking system to counter it, however.

The fight is really between the two giants to retain players – Epic Games vs Electronic Arts. Both are vying for sponsors to back their respective esports scenes. Professional players are mostly of the same opinion – Apex is a more competitively viable title while Fortnite has the upper hand in popularity, especially in younger players. The two games both have a future in esports, its just down to which one takes off first.