Back from the shadows
by Ashley Robinson

With the global pandemic making sporting events difficult to accomplish on any large scale, CSGO is finally being played at its highest level in a more familiar setting. Fans have been waiting almost half a year for the tactical shooter to reach our screens again, but ESL have kicked it off with some cracking games out of the gate.

We’ve seen major sports tackle the virus differently – Football and Formula One have both had empty stadiums with constant COVID tests to make sure no one is infected during their return to the silver screen. After months of waiting and training, the best teams in Counter-Strike have finally come to the stage to prove themselves once again as the best of the rest.

2020 has had CSGO wait until August for the high level antics to carry on, though esports itself has still been active and available for the fans and players. Endpoint has taken part in online tournaments over the quarantine period and all our teams have been working hard to keep their reflexes and skills in check. Our Rocket League team have been making waves in the RLCS, AV3K has had no shortage of heads to pop in Quake and, of course, the CSGO lads have been hunting down terrorists in all our favourite maps.

If you’re missing LANs and the bright lights of the stage like we are, rest assured. Esports is back and we can’t wait to see you all again! Don’t forget, the ESL Major is set to start on the 9th of september.