CSGO beats the CSGO killer
by Ashley Robinson

The most recent game to take down the behemoth that is Counter-Strike hasn’t managed to topple the beast quite yet. Which game was that, Valorant? Apex Legends? Players Unknown Battlegrounds? There’s always been a big game that people jump to for a while that ‘threatens to kill Counter-Strike’. Of course, judging by the recent figures each titles are managing to draw in, Counter-Strike sits on top of the pack as the top dog.

Riot aren’t too open with their current player count, unfortunately, so it’s impossible to tell where all the players are. Something we can look at, however, is the twitch viewers. In 2020, Valorant streamers have struggled to pull in over 70,000 viewers, while Counter-Strike streams are maxing at over 120,000; over double the viewership, in fact. This is helped in part to the numerous esports events that draw in huge crowds to the CSGO streams.

Apex is another game that is difficult to find numbers on, though the twitch viewers are usually under the 40,000 mark. PUBG, however, is easy to find player counts with, and at the time of this article, is currently at 358,232 as its 24 hour peak, while CSGO had a monstrous 892,102; not far from it’s all time peak of 1,305,714.

If these numbers are just boring figures to you, that’s fine. All you need to know is, Counter-Strike survived countless games that threatened to topple it’s status of top dog and is likely to continue serving at the top of it’s weight class.