First look at: Halo Infinite
by Ashley Robinson

Remember to watch the Halo Infinite Demo, as it will be referenced throughout this article!

If you’re a returning reader here at Endpoint, you may have picked up on the fact that I like Halo. I grew up with it – Halo CE was my first shooter, Halo 2 was my first online shooter and the books were my first glimpse of the world of literature. With the Halo fan base noticing a ‘decline’ in the recent two instalments in the franchise, Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians has been the rut that Microsoft have needed to bring the Chief out of.

Rifle similar to Halo Reach

I will try to talk about the game without my nostalgia goggles on, though it’s difficult not to with the return to Halo 3’s helmet and the beautiful sounds that go along with all the shooting. Halo Infinite is nothing if not beautiful. Graphically, that is; It’s difficult to deny the detail and fidelity the new game has. Grunts make their familiar cries for help and your armour recharge sounds like an orchestral piece compared to that of the Spartan 4’s.

True halo nerds might recognised the banished as the group of Brutes that created their own sect after being mistreated by the Covenant. In the expanded universe, they were basically some hardcore rebels who were feared by literally everybody. Having them as the new baddies is a nice piece of fresh air for the series – and we’re hoping to god that they’re not just a decoy baddie for the horrific guardians to appear from. Thankfully, the Halo team have said that the guardians timeline is over and we shouldn’t be returning to that strange era of Halo.

A Banished Brute and… the destiny starting rifle?

That does beg the question though – why does Master Chief have a grappling hook? A lot of hardcore fans wanted the basic rules of Halo 3 back. That is to say, no sprinting and no armour abilities. Others were yearning for the days of Halo Reach, with the armour abilities there but somewhat balanced. I had a foot in both camps – as I actually enjoyed Halo 4 and 5 on their own merits, and had they been from a different franchise, I’m sure there would be nothing bad to say. Seeing the master chief sprinting, sliding on the floor and grappling to a ledge is somewhat disappointing for a majority of the fan base, as this was all thought to be left behind in the last games. Oh well, at least he doesn’t seem to have jet thrusters!


In the end, we all want something different from Halo. Are you disappointed with the demo, or did it refuel that Halo excitement in your heart? Let us know on Twitter!