Halo Is Back
by Ashley Robinson

Halo is back. Well, if you've been playing the Master Chief Collection non stop since it's release on PC (which I definitely have), Halo never left. If you're a normal person, Halo has taken one if its famous hiatus periods for a long time. As you are probably fully aware by now, Halo Infinite had a guerrilla launch in the form of its multiplayer being made available for everyone to play. Although officially still a beta, this is pretty much the final thing; especially as 343 says we will keep our armour and rank when the full game is released. A good thing, too, considering the microtransactions are already being pushed on players to spend extra Vbucks and Robux on various armour customisation options, something that has faced the predicted and somewhat justified community outrage.


Regardless, I was waiting until I had a firm grasp on Halo Infinite before writing this, and with 20 hours plugged in so far, today is the day. Halo Infinite is a perfect blend of Halo 3 and Halo 5 - whether that's a good thing or not is up to you. We have the simplistic sandbox purity that Halo had attempted (meaning all the weapons are unique and fill different rolls other than killing people) and the movement of Halo 5: Guardians with a few of the cooler concepts from Warzone showing up, such as the weapon and vehicle drops.

The best way to see if its your kind of game is to jump right in and load it up. It's free, after all, assuming you have the storage to run it. Chances are, however, you've already downloaded it. The player count is already ridiculously high, with both Xbox and PC players not only able to play, but able to play with each other.


There are some interesting choices; the one that gets me angry is the ability to walk through enemy players. In previous Halo games, walking into your opponent wouldn't work, you'd simply collide with them or bounce off them. In Halo Infinite, you walk through people. This causes some problems when trying to melee your enemy, because if you get too close, you might just sprint through them in your excitement and look around confused as to where this 7 foot person just went. It causes readability issues during firefights, which is disappointing to see. In fact, you can actually run through someone and back smack them. What, you don't know what a back smack is? It's an assassination, though the animations aren't available until after its launch. You're starting to see the problems hidden away behind the grunge UNSC metal.

With its problems, it's still a fantastic game to play and should happily tide us over for the full release of the game, something a lot of Halo fans are frothing at the mouth for. Hopefully you enjoy your time on Zeta Halo; load your sidekick, arm your grapple, and don't forget to complain about the battle pass!