How did Fall Guys get so popular?
by Ashley Robinson

Not long ago, we were all getting our hands dirty in a semi military simulation that involved us jumping from a Hercules C-130 onto a small island and battling over red crates. The PUBG formula was slowly developed and tweaked by rivals, such as Fortnite, Ring of Elysium and Call of Duty. One thing stayed consistent though, there was an arena full of weapons.

Mediatonic came out of nowhere, previously known for their pigeon dating simulator, with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Bright visuals and wacky advertising, it suddenly shaped the gaming industry for 2020. With an impressively high amount of consistent players per week since its launch, this game came from seemingly nowhere and is now cropping up on everyone’s social media. But how exactly did they accomplish this?

The premise is simple. You must beat other players in mini games to stay in the competition. Sure, you could boil down PUBG to “Kill everyone else”, but that requires you to learn how each weapon works, what attachments to use with what, knowing where to drop to get a higher chance of getting the loot you want and fighting off the blood hungry players when you get there – Fall Guys has none of this nonsense. In fact, you don’t even need to learn English to understand the concept. It’s total knockout but with jellybeans.

It’s replayable. Booting up another round is easy and somewhat addicting. You gain XP even if you lose, so you never quite feel like your time was wasted. That extra practice at the tail mini game won’t go completely amiss, anyways!

It’s not actually violent. Not in the same way as its competitors, anyway. If throwing a colourful face with arms into an abyss is considered violent to you, video games might not be the best avenue to explore in the first place. Because it can be experienced by all ages, not just adults, servers are heavily populated by so many people from all over the world.

If you haven’t yet picked up Fall Guys, you can find it for roughly £16 on Steam. Though you probably already knew that!