Jumping Deagle is now meta
by Ashley Robinson

This is not a drill. The new CSGO update has come about. What better way to spend your Easter Sunday is there than to leap around the corner of A long, whipping out your Desert Eagle and firing downrange with the might of an intercontinental ballistic missile?

Some weapon changes have come into play, most notably the Desert Eagle gaining jumping accuracy. More accurately, it retains more accuracy the longer you spend in the air. Yes, this means leaping off tall structures like Heaven on overpass has suddenly become a terrifying strat.

A sad sight for SG 553 users too, as its nerf has made it almost obsolete. It’s first shot accuracy remains unchanged, but its rate of fire and accuracy has dropped to such an extent that it’s worth seeking an AUG, which has had a minor buff to its unscoped accuracy.

The Tec-9 sees a glimpse into it’s former glory days, with its accuracy value increased, making it a viable eco pistol for the first time in years. The M4A1-s is now only $2900 and the PP-Bizon has increased armour penetration too, but all of this is massively overshadowed by the Deagle that now acts like a scout.

Let us know if you pull off any nutty Deagle shots on Twitter, we want to see how crazy this thing really is!