Nintendo Direct - A Summary
by Ashley Robinson

Two days ago, Nintendo announced what they had been doing with their lockdown in the form of brand new titles, as well a much anticipated sequel (And of course, a new smash character). A lot of the announcements didn't have fans clambering to their Nintendo Switches to get ready for lots of new JRPGs, but there were some gems hidden within that got even the lesser fans of the Japanese gaming powerhouse excited.

The biggest news, at least according to Twitter; Splatoon 3. The first two Splatoon games were a hit, with the second game coming out in 2017 for the Switch. Trying to imagine a time before the switch is difficult for a lot of fans and Splatoon is just an obvious name to go with it; A cutsie third-person shooter where the boring firearms are switched for painting apparatus. Splatoon took the Nintendo scene by storm and is sure to repeat history with its next instalment, a good four years after it's last game.


A slightly confusing but welcome addition, Mario Golf: Super Rush. This is a surprise £50 golf game featuring the classic Mario line-up we've all come so familiar with in his Karting series, Tennis games and... well, we don't need to tell you. Chances are, you're all too familiar with his shenanigans with Sonic at the Olympic games. This game should make good use of the accurate Joy-Con controllers, though it doesn't promise to remove the war flash backs of Wii-Sports Golf.


Other than the two new releases for Smash (Pyra and Mythra, in case you hadn't heard) and the HD remaster of Zelda: Skyward sword, the rest of the announcements seemed to go fairly unnoticed by the western audience, but to summarise the other notable things promised; Fall guys is coming to Switch, Mario items are being added to Animal Crossing (with working warp pipes!!)and of course, Apex Legends and Outer Wilds are being ported to the Switch.]

You can watch the full announcement here to see what we haven't mentioned!