Premier Is Here To Stay
by Ashley Robinson

In a recent update, Valve confirmed that Premier is here to stay. We hypothesised in a previous article that Premier mode being trialled as a replacement for regular competitive matchmaking, and while the new mode doesn't entirely remove the old matchmaking system, it's interesting to see it continue after the operation has ended.

On top of that, the Broken Fang stat menu is also staying. For seventy nine pence a month, you can keep your CSGO stats that track your games. It has lots of interesting and useful information such as where you're getting kills, what weapons are working best for you and so on. It's clear that this system is similar to Dota 2, where Valve have already implemented a similar tracking system, but it's a nice addition to Counter-Strike and helps people understand what's going wrong during matches.


Hopefully you're doing better than me

Of course, as you've probably already heard, there's a new weapons crate with some fantastic new additions to the skin market, as well as new chicken models with a far higher fidelity and almost sixteen times as many polygons. They also come in a variety of colours, to help make the games look and feel. For a game that came out in 2012, these small improvements and updates really help it fit in alongside newer, flashier titles with similar gameplay.

We're happy to see Valve keeping Premier matchmaking as it spices up the variety and tactics in competitive games. It also brings some meaning to the active map pool for non esports players - before, it was seemingly pointless to keep the wider player base informed over which maps are in competitive rotation, though it's clearly going to impact them if they have to choose which maps to pick. For example, this update sees Train take a back seat for Ancient, the new Aztec inspired map, meaning players are going to have to learn the basics if they want any flexibility in Premier mode. On top of that, two new maps were added to scrimmage and two additions have been made to the wingman pool, so there's a lot for you to get stuck into!


All in all, this update seems to be a brilliant addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and offers some nice to haves and a lot of quality of life improvements. It would be nice if the stat tracking was free, but with a 79p price tag, we don't see it being a major issue for die hard players.