RLCS X: Endpoint Qualify for Fall Major After 2nd Place Finish in Third Regional Event
by Conner Wight

Image Credit: Psyonix

The final regional event of the fall split has officially concluded and Endpoint were able to turn in their best RLCS X performance yet, ending the day in 2nd place. In addition, the team has officially qualified for the fall major, which will feature 15 other teams and points earned will be doubled.

This event was slightly different in that it ran over the course of four consecutive days as opposed to two consecutive weekends. With that, Endpoint’s journey through the event began on Thursday, where they found themselves in group A. The first match of the day was against Fierce Esports, who Endpoint was able to take down in a sweep without allowing a single goal. Things got trickier in round 2, though, as Endpoint came up against Top Blokes, who are one of the best teams in Europe. After falling in to a 0-2 hole in the series, Top Blokes came roaring back and were able to complete the reverse sweep, dropping Endpoint to 1-1 on the day.

The team quickly brushed off the reverse sweep, though, and won their next two games to qualify for stage two. They were able to sweep Edelweiss Esports and dispatch Guild Esports in a 3-2 series, which was a reverse sweep that went in favour of Endpoint.

At the start of stage two, Endpoint once again found themselves up against Guild Esports, who were able to take revenge for the reverse sweep and drop Endpoint to 0-1. In round 2, Endpoint was involved in yet another reverse sweep, this time going in favour of their opponent, Nameseekers. At 0-2, Endpoint had their backs against the wall and faced a scenario in which they had to win three straight games in order to make it to the playoffs. The team was up to the challenge, as they won each of their final three series 3 games to 1, defeating S2V Esports as well as heavy hitters in Team Liquid and Oxygen Esports.

Endpoint’s Rocket League team has been hard at work to earn points in the fall split.

For the first time in this young RLCS X season, Endpoint had finished top 8 and made it to the playoffs, however the run did not end there. In the quarterfinals, Endpoint defeated Top Blokes 3-1, pushing them on to the semifinals, where they would face Barcelona in a best-of-7 series. The prize for the winner? A date with former world champions Renault Vitality in the grand final of the third regional event.

Endpoint was able to get the job done comfortably, taking down Barcelona 4 games to 1 and advancing to the finals, another best-of-7 series. The two teams went back and forth in the first four games, with Vitality winning games 1 and 3 and Endpoint taking games 2 and 4. However, Vitality broke the back and forth and finished off the series by winning a very hard-fought games 5 and 6.

Despite the loss in the finals, Endpoint had a very strong run and secured themselves a lot of points for the standings. They earned 250 points in the event, putting their point total at 420 and granting them 6th place in Europe alongside Barcelona.

When prompted about the second place result and the qualification for the major, Endpoint’s Virtuoso had this to say:

“Qualifying for the fall major and getting the top 2 finish felt very rewarding, and of course, there was a lot of relief that we did so. It was rewarding as we were grinding a lot during the season, which is quite difficult to do, as Wave is in school and I am doing my A-Levels this year. Not being full time in Rocket League with the new system is not optimal, as there are a lot more tournaments and games in general compared to the rest of the seasons, which I think affected our results a little bit. But, we grinded it out in the last week, as I took the week off school to focus on RL. I think it paid off very well.”


The fall major will take place on the 17th of October and the 24th of October. The format will be similar to how the regional events have gone, with a 16-team Swiss bracket on the 17th and a single elimination playoff consisting of the top 8 teams on the 24th.