RLCS X: The Grid Fall Recap
by Conner Wight

Image Credit: Psyonix

The first rendition of The Grid, a brand new weekly Rocket League tournament, has drawn to a close after 9 matchdays. Each week consisted of the same 16 teams, with the exception of the final week in which Chalked was replaced by Fadeaway. The participating teams were those that were guaranteed RLCS or RLRS status at the end of the previous season.

The teams battled it out in two double-elimination brackets consisting of 8 teams apiece. The top 4 from each group would then qualify for the single-elimination playoff. The further a team makes it, the more prize money and grid points they earn. The team with the most points at the end of the 9 weeks earned an automatic place in the fall major, regardless of their performance in the regional events.

With that being said, let’s take a look at how Endpoint fared in each of the 9 weeks of The Grid.

Week 1 – Endpoint’s performance in the competition was off to a strong start, as they secured a top 4 finish in the first week. They qualified for the playoffs through the upper bracket, knocking off very strong sides in Top Blokes and Renault Vitality. They then found themselves up against Team Singularity in the quarterfinals, and after a tough 5-game series, defeated them and advanced to the semifinals. This is where the road ended in week 1 for Endpoint, as they were defeated by the eventual champions of the week, Triple Trouble. Endpoint earned themselves 100 points for their performance.

Week 2 – The second week of Grid play resulted in yet another playoff appearance for Endpoint. In the first match of the group stage, they were defeated by Solary, but bounced back in the lower bracket by beating Dignitas and Team Singularity to secure a spot in the top 8. In the quarterfinals, Endpoint were swept by Renault Vitality, earning themselves 60 points for the standings.

Week 3 – The third week saw Endpoint on the verge of yet another playoff appearance, but they fell just short. After losing the first match to Guild Esports, Endpoint dropped in to lowers where they secured a win against Dignitas, but were unable to get by Triple Trouble. This resulted in 30 points for the standings.

Week 4 – Week 4 was another very successful week for Endpoint, and the results closely mirrored week 1. They managed to qualify through the upper bracket after getting revenge against Guild Esports and then sweeping Barcelona. In the playoffs, Endpoint won in yet another sweep, this time in the quarterfinals against Team Liquid. The run ended in the semifinals though, as Top Blokes got the win and would go on to win the final. Endpoint earned another 100 points for their efforts.

Week 5 – Week 5 was a difficult one for Endpoint. The team were surely hoping to build off the performance in the prior week, however they were not able to reach those heights this time around. They lost twice in a row, to the hands of Triple Trouble and Barcelona, ending their day early and securing themselves 10 points.

Week 6 – After a tough week 5, Endpoint were able to get a better result in the sixth week of play. The schedule, though, was very difficult. The day started with a match against Renault Vitality, who were able to get the win. Endpoint bounced back in the next match, grabbing a win against Giants Gaming. The road came to an end in the following round to the hands of Oxygen Esports, eliminating Endpoint with 30 points.

Week 7 – Week 7 was another tough week for the team. After losing a very close 5 game series to Guild Esports, Endpoint dropped in to lowers where they had to once again face off with Oxygen Esports. Oxygen were able to prevail in the match, sending Endpoint home with 10 points.

Week 8 – In the eighth week, Endpoint were able to bounce back quite nicely. They lost their first match against Renault Vitality, but won their two lower bracket matches against Solary and Top Blokes, sending them to the playoffs for the first time since week 4. Guild Esports was able to take down Endpoint in the quarterfinals, but the team earned themselves a solid 60 points.

Week 9 – In the final week of Grid play, all of the teams were motivated to take advantage of their last chance to add on to their point total. Endpoint started the day against Barcelona, who beat them in 5 games. They then went to the lowers, where they defeated Solary but fell in another 5 game series to Galaxy Racer. Endpoint earned 30 points, bringing their total for the fall edition of The Grid to 430 points.

With the 430 points, Endpoint found themselves tied for 10th place with Barcelona. This was a significant tie on points because the top 10 teams are guaranteed a spot in the next Grid, which takes place this winter.

After close to two weeks of uncertainty, the tie would finally be broken. Endpoint and Barcelona went head-to-head in one best-of-7 match to determine who would take 10th place and avoid qualifiers for the next Grid circuit. Endpoint got the win in game 1, but after that, Barcelona were able to heat up and take all of the remaining games, winning the series 4-1 and securing 10th place. With that, Endpoint finished 11th in the fall Grid and will have to qualify for the winter Grid through qualifiers.

The final standings for the fall Grid. Image Credit: Liquipedia