The new FPS king?
by Ashley Robinson

Riots new first person shooter, Valorant, has been taking the gaming scene by storm recently. The buzz seems similar to when PUBG and Fortnite stepped onto the scene, and similarly, Counter-Strike fans have been taking note. Valorant can be compared to Overwatch blended with CSGO, with similar gunplay and character based combat. It’s inspirations are easy to recognise from a distance, but let’s get stuck in and figure out what has people so excited.

Valorant follows a similar gameplay loop to CSGO. One team has to secure an objective, the other team has to defend it. This is one of the things that make CS so exciting to watch – seeing how teams advance on bomb sites, the stress of a retake, it’s all classic Counter-Strike. Valorant has taken the best parts of CSGO and tried something new, with Rainbow Siege and Overwatch vibes to it. With new characters, bomb site retakes could be massively swayed by a well timed ability or the correct weapon economy managment.

That’s right, Valorant also has an economy to learn. The weapon buying works similarly to CSGO with weapons having a natural tier list to match their price. It’s also worth mentioning that gunplay mechanics will carry over to Valorant, meaning that weapons have unique spray patterns and are more accurate when standing still – something most shooters stay away from.

That’s not to say CSGO hasn’t taken inspiration from it’s competitor too, this week we saw players able to view and steal other players crosshairs, something Valorant introduced. Although not a huge gameplay addition, it’s a nice quality of life improvement and makes matchmaking a little more interesting. Perhaps the shooters will have a friendship rather than a rivalry, after all?