Winter Regional 3 Recap
by Conner Wight

Image Credit: Psyonix

The final event of the Winter Split wrapped up this weekend and Endpoint were able to finish strong. The team secured a 5th-6th place finish after a convincing lower bracket run through two weekends of play.

It all started on the 9th of January, where Endpoint saw themselves coming up against SauceSquad in the first round. After a 5-game series, SauceSquad prevailed and sent Endpoint to the lower bracket early on.

The first match in the lower bracket saw Endpoint coming up against Galaxy Racer. Galaxy Racer was able to take the first game, but Endpoint won all of the remaining games, giving them a 3-1 series win and a trip to the next round.

In the second round of lowers, Endpoint drew Solary. This one went all the way to game 5, however this time Endpoint emerged as the victors, sending Solary home and giving Endpoint the opportunity to play on the second weekend of the event.

Endpoint saw themselves matched up against Team Liquid in the third round, and were able to dispatch of them in a 3-0 sweep. This included a very commanding 8-0 win in the final game of the series.

From there, Endpoint moved on to the fourth round against Triple Trouble. Similarly to the Galaxy Racer series, Triple Trouble took the first game but Endpoint took over from there, coasting to a 3-1 series win and earning a trip to the quarterfinals of the lower bracket.

It was here that Endpoint saw their run end at the hands of Oxygen Esports. Oxygen were able to complete a 4-0 sweep of Endpoint, sending the team home with 160 points for the table.

With this result, Endpoint earned a grand total of 270 points throughout the Winter Split. This is good enough for 9th place, which they share with Denied, Guild Esports and Redemption. In the overall standings, Endpoint currently resides in 5th place with 1090 points.

The team plays again on the 21st of January in the final week of the Winter Split's edition of The Grid. At this time, there are currently no dates announced for the Winter Major or the Spring Split.